The Birthmother Tree The Birthmother Tree

Planted in June 1998

In Loving Memory of Blanche, who passed from this world on Sunday, May 9, 1999 -- Motherís Day. One of the first Birthmothers to rest under this Tree, her life is an example to us all. Our tears will water the roots while her love and warmth will nurture this Tree as it continues to grow.

Photo © 1996 Mary "Binky" McCarthy

This Tree is a place of contemplation, reflection, and healing for all Birthmothers

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Dedicated to all Birthmothers
Words and Music © 1994, 2003 by Mary McCarthy

Many are the years that passed us by
Since the day you left my side
Did you know I love you still
Do you know I always will

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For many years I've wanted to do something to honor not only my loss, but the losses that all birthmothers suffer when we surrender our children for adoption. We've been kept silent and in the shadows for too long. We've done nothing wrong, and nothing to be ashamed of. In the Bible it is written: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...". We who love our children so much that we gave them a better life despite our own pain deserve to be recognized and honored for making the ultimate sacrifice.

Some day I'd like to have a REAL tree which we can all visit to honor ourselves and help us heal.

Bless you all.... Binky.

In Honor of Unknown Birthmothers

Many adoptees are searching for their birthmothers and do not know their names. This is a special place to honor those women. This was submitted by an adoptee.

Birthmother's Name: Unknown but Loved
Birthmother's Age at time of Relinquishment: Wise beyond years
Date of Relinquishment: Hopefully never from your heart
Searching: yes
Date of Reunion: Soon????


Not all reunions turn out the way we hope and dream. Sometimes the person we are searching for does not want to be reunited with us. Sometimes the person we are searching for has passed away before we can find them to be reunited. And, sometimes we never find the person we so long to see again. For all those whose searches end in sadness, I offer you love and hope, and the acknowledgement that your search was not in vain.

    Please copy and paste this to your e-mail, then fill out the information and e-mail it to me if you wish to be included on The Birthmother Tree. !

    Please note: Due to privacy concerns, there have been some changes to the way Birthmothers and Adoptees are listed on these pages. Thank you.

    Name as you wish it to appear on the Birthmother Tree (First Names or Nicknames ONLY. Last names can be initials) :
    Your age at the time of relinquishment:
    Name you gave your child, if you were allowed (First Names or Initials ONLY):
    Your child's adoptive name, if known (FIRST NAMES or INITIALS ONLY!:
    Month & Year of your Child's birth:
    Month & Year of Relinquishment, if known:
    Are you searching?
    If Searching, Approximately what date did you start?
    Is it an Open Adoption?
    Are you reunited?
    If Reunited, What Date?

    squirrely_girl_1 @ (do not use spaces between 1 @ hotmail)

    IMPORTANT: In your subject line, put, "The Birthmother Tree"

    Please note: it can take a few weeks to update the tree. Please be patient

    Thank you!

    Photo © 1996
    Mary "Binky" McCarthy

If you are searching... please be sure to register with the
International Soundex Reunion Registry, (ISRR).
This is a free, mutual consent registy.
Send a Self-Addressed, Stamped, #10 Envelope to:

P.O. Box 2312
Carson City, NV 89702

OR visit their website:

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